Bring the Indoors Out When Decorating this Spring in Columbus, Ohio

Decorating a Screened Porch Expands Living Space

Decorating a Screened Porch Expands Living Space

This time of year in Columbus, Ohio many of us struck by spring fever – so tap into these emotions by decorating the oft overlooked outdoor spaces of your home.  Whether it’s a three-season room, spacious deck, nostalgic front porch or a cozy balcony, here are some simple decorating tips that will actually expand your living space and maximize your summer fun.

  • First – as with the interior, declutter and clean thoroughly.  A power washer works wonders to remove grime from decking, concrete, brick and outdoor furniture.   Be sure to repair or replace any damaged or dated patio furniture. 
  • Next – identify how you want the space to function.  Do you want an outdoor kitchen, additional eating space, a conversation area, a relaxed reading nook or perhaps an additional space to pursue a hobby?  How you proceed depends on your answer.
  • Once your purpose has been defined, the fun begins.  Smart interior decorators know to bring touches of the indoors out.  In recent years, manufacturers of everything from fabric to electronics have tapped into the popularity of outdoor spaces and have expanded their product lines to include beautiful area rugs, patio draperies, outdoor lamps, fireplaces, even weather proof speakers, outdoor pool tables and flat screen televisions. 
  • Though the color offerings for outdoor fabrics, cushions and table settings are limitless, you will want to stick to colors that complement the exterior of your home.    
  • Having a focal point for which to arrange the furniture around is ideal – if you don’t have one, just create one.  Outdoor focal points can be colorful landscaping, a tranquil water feature, an outdoor clock hung on an exterior wall or even the shiny new grill you just purchased.  
  • Are you in need of privacy?  If nearby neighbors can see and hear everything, use a few tall plants, some wood trellising and a water feature to muffle the sounds.  One inexpensive solution is to use a wood bench as a base for tall container plants along the patio railing – it mimics a green fence and delivers much needed privacy.  For added drama, install weather tolerant draperies to shield not only your neighbors’ eyes but the hot sun as well. 
  • Outdoor lighting brings ambiance and expands the amount of time the space is utilized.  Inexpensive and fun outdoor lighting options include:  mini lights placed inside grapevine balls hung from branches, Japanese paper lanterns, solar landscape lights tucked into flower pots, rope lights hung discreetly inside the roofline of a porch, flameless candles and spotlights to highlight a fountain, plants or a doorway.  Whatever lighting solution you utilize, be sure it complements the rest of your home’s style and décor.

So, once you’ve decorated your outdoor space, take some time to relax under the stars with your family and friends – for in no time at all, the snow will once again return to Ohio.

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